Examples of 2+ Bedroom Apartments

Looking for 2/3 Bedroom Apartments – My spouse found a new job in Chicago working for one of the big banks. I was happy for her new opportunity, because I wanted to get out of Milwaukee after having been laid off for two months and not finding a job. Being that she was originally from Chicago, we narrowed our choices to 2 bedroom apartments in a few neighborhoods to accommodate ourselves, our son and two dogs, based upon the ride into downtown. I was open to any option because I wasn’t familiar with the Chicago area and was excited to move into one of the biggest metropolises in the country with better job prospects. I have always been drawn to live in more cosmopolitan areas, usually in or near a downtown, where there usually was a more diverse population of people to interact with. My wife wanted our son to go to a good high school and heard that Oak Park’s high school was top rate. Our only problem was that we had two dogs. We searched the web and was having problems finding 2 bedroom apartments that accepted dogs, let alone two dogs.

Finally, we looked up the Oak Park Regional Housing Center. We made an appointment to see a housing counselor, and after checking that our credit and salaries were sufficient for affording an apartment in Oak Park, and because we were on a fast approaching deadline, a housing guide took us on a tour of two bedrooms. My wife didn’t really want to live in an apartment building, saying that it was inconvenient to take the stairs or an elevator several times a day for our dogs to go potty, so we focused on finding a two-flat with a big backyard. In less than a day, our guide took us to several 2 bedroom flats. Most of the flats were Victorian era, with hardwood floors, built-ins, a garage, and more importantly accepted dogs. Another bonus was they all had a washer/dryer. I really appreciated that some had pocket doors, and there were some that had the original swinging doors from the kitchen to the dining room. We finally settled on a 2-flat Victorian 2 bedroom with a large backyard on N. Lombard. In walking the dogs I would marvel at the historic architecture, and relish the fact that my neighborhood is ethnically diverse. Not only that, but downtown Oak Park is within walking distance, so we can experience great restaurants and sample good beers at some of the local spots.

The Housing Center was instrumental in ensuring that we weren’t wasting our time in finding a place in Oak Park on a tight schedule. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a rental in Oak Park.

Examples of 2+ bedroom apartments available in Oak Park, IL.

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